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In-Company Psychology & Mindfulness​

  • Psychology Talks for Multinationals & Universities

Expatriate employees and students face a number of challenges and strains related to working or studying and living abroad. I provide talks and workshops which promote resilience and facilitate adaptation to the new environment in the work place and beyond. These can be delivered in the medium of English or Spanish on location or online. 

Common themes which effect most expat staff and students include: adapting to a new culture, night-life & safety, coping with stress. In the current climate a workshop on concerns surrounding Covid could be very fruitful: Coping with the strains of home-working, facing uncertainty around travel and seeing loved ones, moderating concerns around mental and physical health.  

  • Mindfulness In-Company & Online

In conjunction with HR or course directors, I create talk content tailored to the specific needs of staff or students. Creating a forum to confront issues which are common to the group promotes individual well-being and group solidarity.


I also offer mindfulness training on location or online. This is a practical method of stress reduction, performance enhancement, and promotes psychological and physical well-being. 


For more information, get in touch to arrange an initial meeting without commitment.

Sean Cockburn, M.A. English Speaking Psychologist and Psychotherapist Barcelona and Online
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